Qoricancha (Sun Temple)

The Qoricancha (Temple of the Sun) is the most famous Incan Temple in Cusco. It is located in the current-day convent of Santo Domingo.

This was the most sacred temple for the Incas and it was covered in gold.

The Temple of the Sun was considered the most sacred palace built during the Incan era. It was covered with gold, silver and precious stones brought from all over the Incan territory (Tawantinsuyo). In this sacred place, the Incas worshiped and performed traditional ceremonies honoring their main deities such as the Sun, the Moon, Thunder, the Rainbow, and the Stars.

The arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors 

Upon the arrival of the Spaniards, all of the treasures housed in this palace were removed and melted down to be later taken to Spain. Additionally, a large part of the temple was destroyed. However, despite this, many of the original stone walls and the foundations of the temple remain to be seen within the structure of the present-day Spanish convent.

The Dominican Order and the Incan Qoricancha Temple

The Dominican Order called for the construction of the Santo Domingo Church upon the remains of this temple, which can be seen to this day. Visitors can explore the galleries and underground chambers that were once part of the complex of the great Temple of the Sun. The site is now a popular tourist attraction and is considered a significant part of Peru’s cultural heritage.

The Qoricancha Today

Today, you can still appreciate the Incan architecture, much of which has survived the passage of time. The original walls have a very fine finish, displaying the skill of these ancient Andean engineers. On our free tours, we will provide a very detailed history of this magnificent tourist attraction.

How to Get There

From the Plaza de Armas it is very easy to get to the Qoricancha. You can take Loreto Street, which is located to the left of the Company of Jesus, and go directly down two blocks, where you will reach this attraction.

Do I need an entrance ticket to visit the Qoricancha Temple?

Yes. Entrance tickets to visit this attraction can be purchased at the entrance gate and the cost is 15 soles. On our free tours, we make an external visit to this site. We give you a detailed historical overview, and you can return later to tour inside if you wish.

Templo Inca Coricancha Cusco

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