The Humantay Lake Tour is one of the most incredible ways to enjoy the beauty of the Peruvian Andes. The journey through the mountainous landscapes takes approximately 3 hours to reach Humantay Lake. During the trek, you can admire panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, including the majestic Salkantay snow-capped peak, as well as the local fauna and flora.


4:45 am to 5:30 pm

Meeting Point (Main Square)

Pickup from your accommodation can be arranged, provided you are in the historic center of the city. Alternatively, you can opt to meet your guide in the Cusco Main Square.



Walking, adventure and landscape tour

Full day

Start Time: 4:45 am End Time: 5:30 pm (approx.)

Duration: Full day 13.5 h. aprox.


1st - 4:45 am Pick-up from your Lodgings

We will pick you up from the establishment where you are staying as long as it is located in the historic center.

2nd - 6:30 am Arrival in Mollepata

Arrival in the town of Mollepata, where a typical Andean breakfast will be served.

3° 6:45 a.m Breakfast in Mollepata

Enjoy an Andean breakfast in Mollepata.

4th - 7:30 am Transfer to Soraypampa

Continue the journey to the starting point of the hike, called Soraypampa.

5th - 9:00 am Start hike to Humantay Lake

Begin the hike to Humantay Lake. The one-way journey takes approximately 2 hours and is of moderate difficulty, including a steep but non-dangerous ascent. During the hike, you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes, such as snow-capped mountains, lakes, and a variety of fauna and flora

6th - 11:00 am Arrival at Humantay Lake

Arrival at Humantay Lake, where you will have time to enjoy the scenery, take photographs, and relax

7th - 12:00 pm Return to Soraypampa

Start the return to Soraypampa, which takes approximately 1 hour.

8th - 1:00 pm Transfer from Soraypampa to Mollepata

9th - 2:30 pm Lunch in Mollepata

Arrival in Mollepata, where a semi-buffet lunch will be served.

10th - 3:30 pm Transfer from Mollepata to Cusco

Begin the return journey to Cusco in a private vehicle.

11th - 5:30 pm Arrival in Cusco

Return to Cusco, with drop-off at hotels in the city.

What's Included

Bilingual Guides: Take advantage of the expertise of bilingual guides who will offer you more than just a basic tour.

Quality Transportation: Enjoy a worry-free journey to each point on the itinerary. Our well-maintained vehicles ensure a comfortable trip.

Buffet Breakfast: This buffet breakfast will provide hikers with a balanced combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and essential nutrients.

Buffet Lunch: An opportunity for visitors to indulge in rich Peruvian cuisine and recharge after the hike.

Oxygen Tank, Trekking Poles, First Aid Kit.

Not Included

Entrance Ticket to the HUMANTAY LAKE (20 soles for foreigners) (10 soles for Peruvians)

Horse (Alternative Transportation): Horses are offered as a transportation option for visitors who prefer not to walk the entire distance to the top of the mountain.

Tips: Tips for your guide

Extras: Additional services not included in the package

What to Bring

Personal Documents: such as passport and identification. Also, make sure to have the necessary tickets or vouchers for the tour.

Money for All Occasions: (Preferably local currency) Carry enough cash for entrance fees, snacks, and souvenirs. We want you to enjoy without worries, so have everything you need!

Camera, Light Clothing, Sunscreen, Lightweight or Trekking Shoes, Sunglasses, Rain Poncho (September/April)

Price of the Humantay Lake Tour

$ 30

per person

What is required for this tour:

Mountain Entrance Ticket HUMANTAY LAKE

(20 soles foreigner) (10 soles Peruvian)


To make a reservation for this tour is very simple: We recommend filling out the form below, and as soon as possible, a member of our team will contact you to finalize the reservation.

    Frequently Asked Questions about the Humantay Lake Tour

    What is the Humantay Lake Tour?

    This is a tour where you will appreciate the lake located at the foot of the Humantay snow-capped mountain, known for its turquoise waters and mountainous surroundings.

    Is the Humantay Lake Tour covered by travel insurance?

    Travel insurance coverage for the Humantay Lake Tour can vary depending on the policy and insurance company. It’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy to ensure it covers all eventualities and activities you plan to undertake during your trip, including the hike to Humantay Lake.

    Is it necessary to be in good physical shape for the Humantay Lake tour?

    Yes, it is generally advisable to be in good physical shape for the Humantay Lake tour. The hike to the lake involves a considerable climb in elevation and uneven terrain, which can be challenging for some people, especially those not accustomed to high altitudes.

    Can I cancel or reschedule my tour?

    The ability to reschedule or cancel the Humantay Lake Tour will depend on the policies of the travel agency or tour operator with whom you have booked the tour. These policies may vary.

    What happens if there is bad weather on the day I scheduled my tour?

    If there is inclement weather on the departure day for the Humantay Lake Tour, the travel agency or tour operator will make decisions based on safety and the comfort of travelers.

    What is included in the Humantay Lake tour?

    The specific details of what is included in the Humantay Lake Tour can vary depending on the travel agency or tour operator you choose.

    How long does the tour last?

    The duration of the Humantay Lake tour can vary depending on the travel agency or tour operator you choose. However, in general, a typical tour to Humantay Lake can last approximately one day.

    How much does the Humantay Lake Tour cost?

    The price of the tour is approximately $30, but it can vary depending on the agency you choose.

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