Frequently Asked Questions on the Free Tour in Cusco:


How far in advance should I be to start the free tour in Cusco?

The participant of the free tour in Cusco has to be 10 to 20 minutes before the start of the tour at the meeting point (water fountain in the main square of Cusco ) in order to group and/or divide the groups according to language, itinerary, etc.

Are the tours of the Free Walking Tour in the city of Cusco very difficult?

Our free walking tour in Cusco are characterized because the tour is very quiet and simple, we do not perform expert level walks and / or complicated (trekking); all our tours are suitable for all audiences.

Do I need to have an entrance ticket for the free tours in Cusco ?

In our tours it is not necessary to purchase any entrance ticket because our free tours are conducted outside each place so that the participant can visit it (inside) after the tour. In the free tour the guides will give you the best information so that for example you can have discounts on admission to different tourist attractions.

How much should I pay for the free walking tour Cusco?

All our free walking tours in Cusco are based on a contribution, if the tour is to your liking and fulfilled your expectations we consider a conscious and decent retribution in order to motivate us to continue with this activity that is always in constant improvement with the most updated information.

Is there anything extra to pay?

NO, our free walking tours in Cusco include a true experience of the word FREE, that means that no extra payment will be made in our tour, but you have to take into consideration that we work on the basis of a conscious and decent contribution of course if the tour is to your liking and meets your expectations. At the end of the tour we will end with a “free” drink included for a group toast.

How long does the free walking tour in Cusco last?

Our FREE tours last approximately 2 hours, but it is necessary to confirm with the guide before starting the tour to know exactly the duration of the tour and the itinerary.

Can the walking tour be done by seniors and/or children?

All our FREE tours in Cusco are suitable for all kinds of public, that is to say, the tours we do are very quiet; but you have to take into account that Cusco is a city that is located more than 3300 meters above sea level, that is why the adaptation is important if you have any problem with the altitude.

What kind of coat and/or clothing should I bring for the free walking tour?

Each of our free tours are different and start at (different times) that is why we recommend to bring a coat in the afternoon walking tour because the temperature drops when the sun goes down; Cusco is a city that is more than 3 thousand meters high and if there is rain (September-March) it will always be cold, that is why those months it is necessary to bring warm clothes and rain ponchos regardless of the time of the walking tour. It is also essential to bring sunscreen (sunblock) because the radiation in the Andes is very high, we also recommend bringing sunglasses for eye protection and  other implements.

What to bring on the free walking tour Cusco:

Water bottle


Caps / hats

Light clothing

“summer” (April – August)

Winter clothes

“rain” (September-March)

light shoes

Photo camera

(teléfono móvil)




Positive attitude


accesibilidad para el free walking tour

Wheelchair accessibility is available on some of our tours. See the itinerary of each tour

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